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About Septic King

Septic King is a family owned business located in South Western, Ontario.

Our parent company was founded in 1972, by a forward thinking Canadian entrepreneur.  Returning to Canada from Australia, he relocated his young family to the heart of Southern Ontario and built the building we still work from today. Starting from the ground up, the Chemical Engineer became the Sales Department, Customer Service and Delivery Person by day and would return to blend his cleaning product formulas by night.  For over 45 years we have grown and have been a proud manufacturer of innovative, premium private labeled cleaning products for over 45 years.

Fortunately, today’s market demands more environmentally sound chemistry for cleaning and maintenance products.  We are excited to introduce our new line of Septic King products that not only have a low impact on the environment; they are friendly to you and your septic system.

Septic King’s focus is to provide you with the best premium septic friendly products for your home, business and cottage. We aim to keep your septic system healthy and free flowing for years to come.